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Cosmetics Industry Banned Tiny Plastic Pellets Since 2020

Aug. 15, 2019

Here is a PVC Shrink Film Supplier talking about the policy of tiny plastic pellets.

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PVC Heat Shrink Film

PVC Heat Shrink Film

In January 2018, the Italian government announced that it would ban the use of microplastic granules in the cosmetics industry from January 2020. From January 1, 2019, non-degradable plastic cotton swabs will be banned from sale, and offenders will be severely punished.

Scrub cleansing products are products that add some tiny particles to ordinary cleansing products to help remove skin dirt and aging keratin. Different micro-particles are added from different places or merchants. Some of the particles in the scrub are made of plastic. The body is small and cannot be degraded. Eventually, it will flow into the sea with the water and pollute the environment.

Tiny plastic granules are commonly found in whitening toothpastes, body and facial scrubs. These particles enter the sewers and eventually flow into the river and the sea, and are easily attached to algae and become food for the fish. Such a small particle can't be cleaned up and eventually rushed into the sea. Once it is eaten by fish, people eat fish and eventually return to the human body. According to statistics, there are about 80 kinds of products in Italian stores that contain tiny plastic particles.

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