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What Are The Benefits Of Heat Shrinkable Film?

Jun. 12, 2020

PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturers explain to you the advantages of heat shrinkable film:

Heat Shrink Films is a kind of packaging film with transparent gloss, high shrinkage, environmental protection and safety, and strong tear resistance. It is stretched into various shapes regardless of the stretching orientation during the production process, thus adapting to products of different shapes Packaging, heat-shrinkable film packaging is closely attached to the surface of the product, forming an Anti-Static Protective Tape , wrapped tightly around the periphery of the product, like a protective film.

The shrink-wrapped products are not only beautiful and generous, save packaging costs, but also can be combined in promotional packages, etc., and are sealed, dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-theft. Has the following four characteristics:

1. Absorbing advanced foreign technology, combined with the domestic status quo, with unique creativity, automatic collection, sorting, lamination, and thermal shrinkage of various types of packaging materials, thereby overcoming the domestic jitter caused by similar machines Unstable installation, easy card machine, inadequate for small, light and small-sized small box products, etc., widen the scope and capacity of the machine in the packaging field.

2. A large number of supporting parts of internationally renowned companies are used. The electrical components of the whole machine all use world-famous brand components such as OMRON and NORGREN. The equipment operates stably and reliably and has been well received by customers in related industries.

What Are The Benefits Of Heat Shrinkable Film?cid=4

PVC Heat Shrink Film

3. It can be independently operated to complete the middle packaging of the small box, and can also be connected with the front-end boxing machine, and connected with the boxing machine at the rear end, without the need to add special mechanical devices.

4. The packaged products are smooth and neat in appearance, tightly wrapped and firmly welded.

For commodity manufacturing companies, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of commodities, and how to make their products stand out from many competitors becomes the key to development. PVC heat shrinkable film is generally transported by car: as far as transportation and storage need to pay attention, the shrinkage film on the market basically refers to heat shrinkable film, so the temperature has a great influence on the shrinkage film. Therefore, it is important to manage the temperature. Generally far away from 5m. Although the shrink film can protect the product, it also needs to avoid the sun and rain during transportation and storage before use, which will shorten the failure and shelf life of the shrink film.

The heat shrinkage of the film was applied as early as 1936. At first, rubber film was mainly used to shrink and package perishable food. The shrinking direction of the shrink film is single, the PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve Film has good abrasion resistance, and has high strength, and accepts the weight of the content. The shrinkable film is a thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented during production and shrinks by heat during use. Heat shrinkable film label is a film label printed on plastic film or plastic tube with a special ink. During the labelling process, when heated (about 70 ℃), the shrink label will quickly follow the outer contour of the container Shrinkable, close to the surface of the container, heat-shrinkable film labels mainly include shrink sleeve labels and shrink-wrap labels. Shrink sleeve labels are made of the heat-shrinkable film as the base material and are made into cylinder labels after printing. It has the characteristics of convenient use and is very suitable for special-shaped containers. Shrink sleeve labels generally require special labelling equipment to cover the printed sleeve with the container. At first, the labelling equipment opens the sealed cylindrical sleeve label, which may sometimes need to be punched; next, the sleeve label is cut to a suitable size and sleeved on the container; then heat treatment is performed using steam, infrared or hot air channels So that the sleeve label adheres tightly to the surface of the container. Due to the high transparency of the film itself, the label has a bright colour and good gloss. But because it needs to be shrunk during use, there is a disadvantage of pattern deformation, especially for products printed with barcode labels.


Strict design and printing quality control are required, otherwise, the barcode quality will be unqualified after the pattern is deformed. Shrinkwrap labels can be labelled using traditional labelling equipment. Adhesives and higher temperatures are required during the labelling process. During the shrinking process, since the adhesive at the overlapping position of the film will produce stress, it is better to use Anti-Static Protective Tape. If you want to buy Antistatic Protective Belte, Antistatic Sheets, please contact us.