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Qualified Shrink Film Needs to Have The Following Key Physical Properties

Oct. 21, 2020

1. High tensile strength: In the case of heavier product packaging, such as multi-packaged beverages, the weight of the single package can reach more than 15Kg. High tensile strength allows the packaging to maintain good stiffness to provide good appearance and palletizing performance. And to ensure that it is not easy to be damaged in the logistics process, and that the bull's eye part of the packaging is not easily broken during the transfer of the packaging line, the logistics transfer, and the lifting of the goods on the shelf.

2. Appropriate shrinkage rate: It can properly fix the product, prevent movement and misalignment, meet a good wrapping effect, and generate a bull eye of appropriate size and shape.

3. High cold shrinkage force: The shrinkage of the film in the shrinking furnace has just begun. The heat shrinkage force generated by the Shrink Film at this stage is very small, and the film package at this time is very fragile and unstable. Therefore, how to make the shrink film quickly produce a large cold shrinkage force and ensure the stability of the film package before it reaches the peak value is the key; the longitudinal cold shrinkage force is the most direct manifestation of the effective shrinkage ability of the shrink film, and only the effective tightening Shrink packaging can reduce the shaking and dislocation of the product in the film package, and improve the stacking stability of the package during storage and transportation.

4. High creep resistance: able to withstand the harsher logistics environment, such as high temperature, continuous turbulence, manual loading and unloading, higher stacking height, and longer storage time.

Heat Shrinking Film

Heat Shrinking Film

5. Appropriate impact strength of falling darts: meet the breakage resistance of the product when accidentally dropped, and reduce the possibility of being cut by the paper pad.

6. Wide shrinking process window: it meets the production of high-speed packaging lines and is compatible with different heat shrink packaging machine requirements of multiple factories. The lower the shrinking temperature, the lower the production energy consumption.

7. Good printing adaptability: good film flatness can ensure the dimensional stability of the film; the higher gloss and low haze on the outer surface of the film can make the shrinkable Heat Shrinking Film bright and colorful , Show extraordinary shelf display effect.

8. Suitable internal and external friction coefficient: If the friction coefficient is too high or too low, the film will easily stick to each other, which will make the packaging machine difficult to unwind, which will affect the efficiency of the machine; and if the friction coefficient is too low, the film surface will show a very slippery appearance. , Easily lead to unstable stacking.

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