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PVC shrinkable film packaging different products with different materials of shrinkable film

May. 07, 2020

Now, the use of shrinkable film has been widely used in people's lives. It can be said that their figures can be seen in streets and alleys. The scope of application is completely beyond people's imagination. It ’s really not me who blows it. It ’s like an item. Mineral water is something people all over the country or even the whole world drink. Then the label film on the outside of the bottle is one of the shrink films. In the end, how wide and how many types of shrink films are there? Let's take a look at me.

   1. POF shrink film: POF shrink film is made of linear low-density polyethylene and copolymer polypropylene (TPP, PPC) as the main raw materials, added with necessary additives, and processed by the co-extrusion blow molding process. Its shrink film is an alternative to traditional shrink film. It mainly acts on products with regular and irregular shapes. It has high transparency, good gloss, good sealing performance, and high strength. It is suitable for manual and semi-automatic packaging. It can clearly show the appearance of the product, improve the sense of perception, reflect the high grade, and it is very popular among the people.

   2. PVC shrinkable film: PVC heat shrink film is a kind of heat shrinkable material commonly used in heat sealing packaging, which can prevent dust and moisture, let items show a new perfect packaging effect, and achieve the effect of improving product grade. The surface of PVC heat shrinkable film is smooth, the thickness is uniform, there is no obvious spots, no oil marks, impurities, folds, good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, shrinkage rate, which can improve the product packaging grade.

PVC shrinkable film

PVC shrinkable film

   3. OPS shrink film: It is a new type of OPS heat shrinkable film packaging material that meets the requirements of environmental protection. It has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, stable shape, good gloss, and transparency. At the same time, it is easy to process, easy to color, has a high printing resolution, and the patterns are more vivid. It can be used for OPS label film and packaging for bottles and other cans.

   4. PE shrink film: Unlike other shrink films, any thickness can be customized, and the effect is completely different. PE shrink film has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong impact resistance, and tear resistance, not easy to break, not afraid of moisture, and large shrinkage. It is widely used in alcohol, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth, and other products Whole package collection.

   5. PET heat shrinkable film: its cost is very high, it can be said to be a particularly environmentally friendly shrinkable film. Most of the food packaging is PET packaging, which is environmentally friendly and harmless. The characteristic is that it can be close to the body and transparent, and reflect the image of the product. It is often used in the convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, and metal products, especially the shrink label is its main application field.

   Probably what can be used as shrink film is the above several, each of which plays a different role, but all bring us a lot of conveniences. No matter what shape, what logo is printed, product effect, etc., they can be practiced. They are fast-growing new environmentally friendly shrink films that play an important role in the development of society today. The shrink film we produce has passed the national security test and is suitable for the outer packaging of major industries. I believe that the products we make with our research and development will not let everyone down. Thank you for your support. Ok, make progress together, if you have any questions, please contact us in time!