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PVC Shrink Film Can Pack Different Kinds Of Products

Sep. 25, 2019

PVC Shrink Printing Film is easy to break when printing. It is not the quality of PVC shrink film. It is a kind of solvent used in PVC special printing ink to dissolve PVC film, and the solvent has low volatility. Therefore, if it is special when the solvent content of the PVC dissolved in the solvent of the PVC ink is too large, the PVC shrink film is dissolved and broken during the printing process.

However, if the printing ink for PVC is not used, the printing fastness is not good. The PVC heat shrinkable film machine can assemble the parts into a whole and it is suitable for single-piece packaging. Secondly, the PVC heat shrinkable film is close to the surface of the package, so that people have the feeling of sticking the adhesive, making the product more beautiful, crisp and shiny, which is a wise choice for improving the competitiveness of the product. The important point is that PVC has low input and high output, which is why many merchants choose it. The high-coverage product provides a surface shield that forms a very light, sheltered surface around the product to achieve dust, oil, moisture, water, and theft. It is especially important that the compressed film package allows the packaged articles to be subjected to an average force to prevent damage caused by uneven force, which is not possible with traditional packaging methods.

PVC Shrink Printing Film

PVC Shrink Printing Film

PVC shrink film has the characteristics of good transparency, good toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and low water vapor transmission rate. When the film is subjected to the corresponding temperature, it shrinks automatically and tightly wraps the goods, thereby achieving the function of protecting the goods, and also preventing moisture, mildew, rust, pollution, damage and theft. The product has good storage and transportation stability, and the packaging process and equipment are relatively simple, which is convenient for automatic shrink packaging.

PVC heat shrinkable film can be packaged for different types of products. Heavy metals do not exceed the standard. The characteristics are relatively low shrinkage temperature and fast heat shrinkage. Generally, 80-120 degrees can achieve excellent results. The product has high transparency, clarity and high gloss. Instant heating and easy shrinkage are suitable for all types of shrinking machines. They are widely used in product packaging with low packaging requirements and low cost. Such as: wood products, craft gifts, candles, brochures, printed matter, electronics and other industries. Also, it can be used as PVC Shrink Film for Packaging Plastic Bottles. At the same time, it can be made into various flat pockets, curved bags, shaped bags and triangular bags. The package is fastened, beautiful and flame retardant.

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