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Flexible Packaging and Flexible PLA Film

Nov. 19, 2021

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry. Compared to several traditional packaging alternatives, flexible packaging is more environmentally friendly and offers better value for money. PLA flexible film is one of the best known flexible film packaging and it is also environmentally friendly. Let's read on to learn more about the features and applications of flexible packaging.

Flexible Packaging and Flexible PLA Film

Their features

Flexible packaging film consists of the highest quality materials and works effectively and consistently throughout the product's life cycle. It utilizes flexible substrates, including paper and plastic films. Its growing popularity is due to superior performance, including clarity, twist retention and excellent shrinkage.

Technical excellence

An example of flexible packaging is the stand-up pouch. The latter are made from multiple layers of plastic, aluminum and other materials. The advantage of stand-up pouches is that they protect food from the environmental and physical hazards encountered during the transportation and storage phases. Flexible food packaging can come in a variety of designs to appeal to buyers. Zipper locks and nozzles can be added for better convenience and usability.

Reduced Costs

By choosing flexible packaging, manufacturing costs are greatly reduced. Flexible packaging materials are made by laminating multiple layers of film together. The time, energy and material costs to manufacture flexible packaging film are much lower than traditional glass and plastic cans.

Their aims

Flexible packaging films are designed to do the following:

Make the outer packaging more resistant to tearing

Shield the contents during the packaging, distribution and storage phases

Protect the contents from external spoilage factors such as light, moisture and gases

Preserve the quality of the contents, including freshness and aroma

Flexible Packaging and Flexible PLA Film

Food applications

Ready-to-eat foods, including snacks, ice cream and beverages

Refrigerator to microwave

Boiling in the bag

Flexible Packaging and Flexible PLA Film

Non-food uses




Other uses

LDPE films are used to package rice and various edible products. The former is often used to package electronic components.

Laminated aluminum foil bags are used for tablet packaging, face masks, IC board packaging and other applications.

Laminated pouches with one-way valves. Common uses include various powders, pet food, etc.

Steaming pouches are used to package seasonings, sauces, meat products and other edible preparations.

Standard laminated bags and pouches are used to package products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Stand-up zipper bags are commonly used for packaging pet food, candy, milk powder, etc.

Vacuum packaging bags and pouches can be used for seafood, frozen prepared foods, etc.

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