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Will PETG Replace PVC Film In The Future?

May. 25, 2021

PVC shrink film has ruled the packaging industry for the longest time. However, due to the problems associated with PVC, there was a need to find an alternative material that could potentially replace PVC. Several different polymers were introduced and tested in the market, but with little success. Finally, PET-G film was born.

Through this article, I aim to dispel some common misconceptions about PVC and PET-G resin and provide an objective and practical understanding of both materials so you can make the right choice for your business. 

PETG bottle PVC bottle

Which is better?

1, Printed PVC scrap is easy to recycle and has a variety of uses such as piping, window frames, cable insulation, floor coverings, roofing panels, etc. Printed PET-G film is difficult to recycle and has few applications. Most of it must be completely incinerated.

Key point: If PVC film is properly collected and disposed of, it can be of high value to companies that recycle PVC scrap.

2, PETG resin is non-chlorinated, but does not work well as shrink film when there is little container material.

All types of PVC casing cannot be easily replaced by PETG resin.

Key point: PETG resin is not a perfect solution or substitute for PVC films as it is often perceived to be.

3, Shrinking PETG film is a complex process, especially when you can use a non-complex shrink tunnel infrastructure.

Key point: moving to PETG shrink tubing is not easy and may require you to make a significant additional investment.

4, In some cases, multi-stage hot air tunnels are required to properly wrap PETG shrink film, making it an expensive and somewhat unpopular option. In contrast, look at the PVC characteristics, PVC sleeve is flexible and adapts to the shape of the container even with basic hot air channels. It provides excellent results and reduces reprocessing or rejection.

Key point: Compared to PETG shrink film, PVC shrink films are painless to shrink on most containers. They are also an energy-efficient and cost-effective option that can get the job done quickly.

5, Most Chinese small and medium-sized companies can apply PVC shrink sleeves using basic shrink tunnels. Moving to other materials means these companies must invest heavily in more sophisticated technologies and infrastructure that are not readily available.

Key point: PVC film is the obvious and sometimes the only possible choice.

6, When using PETG for labeling thin-walled or empty containers, it is critical to maintain proper shrinkage conditions. Otherwise, labels and containers can become severely distorted.

Key point: PET-G resin has a high shrinkage force, which may cause distortion.

Can PETG replace PVC?

PETG film offers several advantages, including higher shrinkage, durability and chemical resistance. It is, without a doubt, one of the best contenders for shrink sleeving options to meet packaging needs. However, with the major shift to PETG comes another issue, one that we cannot ignore: recycling mixed waste

The waste that reaches our landfills is a mixture of PVC and PET-G. While PVC shrink labels can be easily recycled, PETG waste cannot, which reduces its usefulness to companies that handle recycling operations. Separating PVC and PETG waste is even more difficult. Burning PVC shrink label is harmful, but burning PETG is neither good nor useful.

So is PETG resin capable of completely replacing PVC?---- only time will tell.


Clearly, it is too early to conclude which shrink sleeve option is best or which ranks higher than the other. However, the need now is to understand the problems that exist. I hope that sooner or later our government and our packaging scientists will find the most viable solutions to protect our environment and support the changing and evolving needs of the packaging industry.

Until then, we must all properly segregate, dispose, collect and recycle. Remember, plastic is not the problem, its disposal is the problem. Contact us and you will find more types of plastic materials, as HYF meaning, we offer high quality, youthful energy and fantastic service.