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Why Should I Choose Biodegradable Plastic Products?

Sep. 06, 2022

The reason why plastic bags are called white pollution is because people's environmental awareness was weak in the past, China's waste classification policy is unclear, once the cost of non-degradable plastic bags is very low, a variety of places almost free to provide, the supply exceeds the demand, people use up and give up, can not be specifically recycled. Therefore, a spring breeze, there are plastic bags everywhere, white plastic bags more, known as white pollution.


If the plastic bags we use are biodegradable plastic bags, this problem will not occur. Environmental protection and complete dissolution are the greater features of our products. The products rely on our self-developed natural plastic technology, using polycarbonate PLA/PBAT as the base material (raw materials can be straw, coffee grounds, bamboo fiber, palm silk, tea leaves, etc., which can be customized at will), and using the production technology of chemical branch modification to make the products.





What are the benefits of using biodegradable plastics?


1. Relief of land resources


The history of mankind, plastic bags are too convenient and good to use, leading to people have been inseparable from plastic bags in their daily lives. The convenience of plastic bags has led people to forget that the original invention of plastic bags is not a disposable item, often used once and then thrown away. But many people do not know that the production of plastic bags is the main raw material is polyethylene, it is very difficult to degrade, a large number of discarded plastic bags are buried in the ground, it will lead to a large area of land because of the burial of plastic bags and long-term occupation, which is the "white pollution". When people use plastic bags for biodegradable plastic bags, this problem will be solved. Compared with the original polyethylene plastic bags degradation is very difficult, biodegradable plastic bags only need a few months to complete the degradation, so a greater degree to alleviate the waste of land resources.


2. Reduce carbon emissions


Biodegradable plastic bags compared to traditional plastic bags is another point worthy of praise, that is, carbon dioxide emissions. Biodegradable plastic in the process of degradation of carbon dioxide released less than traditional plastic, because biodegradable plastic bags are not produced by polyethylene, it is about 2 kg less than the traditional plastic release of carbon dioxide.


3. Reduce energy consumption


Plastic bags in the production process will consume fossil fuels, while biodegradable plastic bags will reduce almost half of the fossil fuels than it. For example, if all plastic products worldwide are replaced with biodegradable plastic bags in a year, then this year almost 1.3 billion barrels of fossil fuels can be saved, this amount of savings accounts for almost part of the global fossil fuel consumption.


Plastic bags may be a "necessity" in people's daily lives, but biodegradable plastic bags can turn them into replaceable items. Biodegradable plastic bags are essential to making the environment a better place to live.


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