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What is the Material of Beverage Bottle Label?

Sep. 14, 2022

The food industry is developing rapidly, especially beverages. With the rapid development of the beverage market, the heat shrink film labels for beverage bottles are naturally getting hotter and hotter. Today HYF will analyze the heat-shrink film labels for everyone.


Heat shrink film labels commonly used materials.


I. PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


PVC shrink film has good transparency, high shrinkage rate, easy to tear, horizontal shrinkage rate of 90%, longitudinal shrinkage rate of 8%, the use of lower costs, high tensile strength, temperature shrinkage range, the heat source requirements are not high, the main processing heat source is hot air, infrared or a combination of the two. Shrink film is poor environmental protection, more difficult to recycle, burning will produce toxic gas, is not conducive to environmental protection, in Europe, Japan has been banned. In China, because the environmental requirements are not very high, PVC is still the main material in the field of heat shrink film labels.





II. PET film (polyester)


PET film is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly heat shrink film material, and PVC heat shrink film is very similar to the performance of the current advanced one-way shrink film. Its horizontal shrinkage rate of 75%, longitudinal shrinkage rate of less than 3%, and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, is the ideal material to replace PVC today.


III. PETG (modified polyester)


PETG film is environmentally friendly, with a shrinkage rate of up to 78% and the ability to pre-adjust the shrinkage rate, and has been widely welcomed.





IV. PE (polyethylene)


PE is recognized as a non-toxic material, especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries of commodity labels. It can be made into highly transparent, good processing performance, high strength, environmentally friendly heat shrinkable film labels, but due to its very stable performance, the printability is poor and must be surface treated. This limits its application to a certain extent.




OPP film has a low shrinkage rate, its main application in the field of shrink wrap-around labels, while good quality and low price, very competitive.


Heat shrink film labels are printed with ink on the shrink material, and when packaging, you only need to heat the label to about 70 degrees Celsius, and the heat shrink film label will quickly shrink and fit tightly with the beverage bottle. The reason why heat shrink film labels are so popular among users is that shrink labels can be printed with many beautiful patterns and can have good marketing.

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