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Useful Facts and Features of PVC Heat Shrink Film

Apr. 09, 2022

PVC shrink film shrinks when heated. In fact, shrinkage of heat shrink film after heating is a physical phenomenon that needs to be explained with certain physical knowledge. Simply put, the thermal movement of molecules causes the film to shrink.

The raw materials used to produce PVC film are usually extracted through special operations, and the toxic substances in them are also extracted, so we can guarantee that PVC film is completely non-toxic and will not harm human skin or cause harm to the respiratory system. Let's take a look at some characteristics of pvc shrink film.


Main properties of PVC shrink film

A. Mechanical properties: strong, lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant.

B. Chemical properties: atmospheric resistance, chemical and biological testing, insulating properties, resistance, heat insulation, noise reduction.

C, other physical properties: waterproof, oil-proof, airtight. Can be folded into hard or soft, transparent or opaque products according to requirements; can be high-frequency welding or heat sealing; easy to color and print.

D. Processing performance: easy to use all processing techniques in current plastic processing. Such as injection molding, extrusion, ring molding, calendering, rotational molding, coating, etc.


Printing of PVC heat shrink film

Heat shrinkable film has various specifications, the general thickness range is 12μm~30μm, the common thickness and width specifications are determined by customers. It stays soft under 150 degree temperature difference and is suitable for storage and transportation of various packaging. Raw materials are environmentally friendly and used for food packaging. Nowadays, people use the heat shrink trademark in many commodities. The product can not only explain the characteristics and functions of the product to the user, but also play a good aesthetic effect. More and more companies are adding heat shrink trademarks when producing products.

Commonly used heat-shrinkable trademark products on the market are generally composed of color blocks and lines, ink volume, but the surface of the self-adhesive paper is smooth and dense, the ink is not easy to adhere to when printing, the conjunctiva is also slow to dry and easy to stain. The adhesion is strong, so you should try to use fast-drying ink. Another point to note is that for heat shrink label printers with UV drying equipment, UV ink should be used when printing to ensure the quality of the printed product; the temperature, humidity and printing speed of the printing workshop should be controlled within a certain range to facilitate printing and get a more satisfactory printing effect.



Application of PVC heat shrink film

PVC heat shrink packaging machine can be arbitrarily processed and cut. It is commonly used in molds, hydraulic machines and other parts that need heat insulation. It can also be used for homemade roofs and other parts that need thermal insulation. Save energy, reduce heating time, reduce heat transfer to the equipment and have good heat insulation effect.

Different container shapes have different requirements for the shrinkage rate of the material. For example, near-cylindrical containers with low shrinkage rate can consider using OPP or PVC material, while containers with more curved or streamlined design can consider using OPS film with high shrinkage rate and strength. ops film can be closely laminated to different shapes of containers, which not only can print beautiful patterns, but also can meet the use of new packaging containers with different shapes. ops is non-toxic, tasteless, oil resistant and meets food hygiene standards. It allows designers to use eye-catching colors to achieve 360° label design, giving full play to creativity and imagination, making the label pattern more vivid, highlighting the image on the shelf and producing unexpected container effects.

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