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Advantage Of Transparent PLA Flexible Film

May. 28, 2019

Transparent PLA Flexible Film (PLA) is currently the most important biopolymer for the production of biobased/biodegradable transparent films. Polylactic acid not only has high transparency and attractive gloss, but also biodegradable under industrial composting conditions. However, the mechanical properties and processing properties of current PLA films still hinder the widespread use of thermoplastics. With VINNEX ® 2525, WACKER offers a new modifier that greatly improves the processing properties of PLA in clear film applications, making it a better alternative to traditional plastics.

A major advantage of Fresh Products PLA Flexible Film (especially in packaging film applications) is their high transparency and attractive gloss.

• Suitable for cast film and blown film extrusion

• Greater melt strength

• Improve bubble stability during blown film extrusion

• Relieve necking during cast film extrusion

• Improve the stretching factor during thermoforming

• Improve film sealing performance

• Maintain excellent shrinkage performance of PLA

• Maintain high transparency and gloss

• Maintain gas permeability

• Maintain biodegradability

• Suitable for food contact applications

Transparent PLA Flexible Film