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Performance of Paper Laminations PLA Flexible Film

May. 28, 2019

Paper Laminations PLA Flexible Film has better mechanical properties, its tensile strength can reach up to 60MPa, its performance is just brittle, and the flexible molding products required for daily packaging applications become a major problem for polylactic acid, and ordinary high poly Like the material, the mechanical properties of polylactic acid depend on molecular characteristics, such as crystallinity, crystal thickness, spherulite size, molecular chain orientation, and the like. Further, the performance of polylactic acid also depends on the composition, purity, and the like of each isomer contained in the polymer.

Snacks PLA Flexible Film can be processed by ordinary plastic molding methods such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and stretching. The solubility of polylactic acid is mainly related to the weight average molecular chain, the ratio of L/D type unit, plasticizer content, shear rate and temperature. Polylactic acid melt is a pseudoplastic fluid. Compared with amorphous PLA, semi-crystalline PLA has a higher shear viscosity, but as the temperature increases, the shear viscosity decreases. Therefore, the apparent viscosity can be effectively reduced by increasing the shearing force during processing.

Paper Laminations PLA Flexible Film