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What Should I Pay Attention To During The Pvc Shrink Film Cutting Process?

Nov. 20, 2019

The cutting is also a very important part to deliver the best-quality PVC shrink film to our customers. During the cutting, there are some important aspects, which should pay much attention to:

1) The cutting workshop’s Environment;

2) Tensile strength and speed during unwinding;

3) Tensile strength and speed during unwinding.

Our Max. width of PVC shrink sleeve film could be 1150mm. To PVC shrink label film, it is not small width, we can make it smooth side edge, no winkle, etc.. That is why our customers give so high reputation to our PVC shrink sleeve films, because our PVC Shrink Film can bring the following advantages during printing:

1) Almost no deformation effect;

2) Accurate imprinting;

3) High Yield of printed labels;

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