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Do You Understand The Protective Properties Of Pvc Shrink Film Packaging?

Jun. 23, 2020

We learned from the PVC Shrink Film Supplier that the protective properties of PVC Shrink Film packaging: During the production process, the PVC shrink film is oriented and stretched, and the shrink film is subjected to heat shrinkage during use. The heat shrinkage of the film was applied as early as 1936. At first, rubber film was mainly used to shrink and package perishable food. In addition, shrink packaging is also used to make shrink labels and shrink bottle caps, so that containers that are not easy to print or have complicated shapes can be labelled. And constantly updated application areas have been developed.

There are various specifications of Heat Shrinkable Films, the general thickness range is 12μm ~ 30μm, commonly used thickness, width specifications are determined by the customer. It remains soft under a temperature difference of 150 degrees and is suitable for storage and transportation of various packages. The raw materials are environmentally friendly and used for food packaging. Now, in many commodities, people use the heat-shrinkable trademark. This product can not only explain the characteristics and functions of the product to users, but also play a good aesthetic effect. More and more businesses are adding heat shrinkable trademarks when producing products.

The heat shrinkable trademark products commonly used on the market are generally composed of color blocks and lines, and the amount of ink is large, but the surface of the adhesive paper is smooth and compact, the ink is not easy to adhere to during printing, and the drying conjunctiva is also slow and easy to smudge. , Adhesion, so you should use fast-drying ink as much as possible. Another point to note is that for heat shrink label printers with UV drying equipment, UV ink should be used during printing to ensure the quality of the printed products; the temperature, humidity and printing speed of the printing workshop should be controlled within a certain range to facilitate Printing, get more satisfactory printing effect.

PVC Shrink Film

PVC Shrink Film

PVC heat shrinkable film is suitable for the packaging needs of products in various industries. It can be used for single or small collection packaging, as well as large pallet packaging. It can be used for stationery, toys, textiles, paper products, beverages, medicine, Heat shrinkable packaging for tongue and groove flooring, hardware and electrical appliances. PVC heat shrinkable film is made by mixing PVC resin with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials and then inflated twice. It is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, shrinkage rate can be adjusted freely according to user needs, and strong operability . PVC heat shrinkable film has good transparency, high shrinkage rate, between 40% and 60%, and its cost is low, the tensile strength is large, the temperature shrinkage scale is large, and the heat source requirements are not high. The primary processing heat source is Hot air, infrared or a combination of both. The economics of PVC heat shrinkable film occupies a very important position in practical applications. The price of pvc heat shrinkable film cannot be too expensive, otherwise it cannot be used in production. The price of PVC heat shrinkable film depends on two aspects of material and manufacturing process.

PVC heat shrinkable film is made by mixing PVC resin with a dozen kinds of auxiliary materials and inflating it for the second time. Its use method is to calculate the perimeter according to the size of the package and convert it to the folding diameter (fold diameter=1/2) Perimeter), and then enlarge the folding diameter appropriately. According to the specifications of our products, choose the suitable PVC heat shrinkable film and PVC heat shrinkable film. Put the sleeve film on the packaged object, at a temperature of 100 ℃ -160 ℃, after 6-10 seconds (the tube film is actually heated at 86 ℃, the left glaze winter package is heated less than 10 ℃).

1. The shrink film has good abrasion resistance and high strength to ensure the weight of the content.

2. The heat shrinkable film has high transparency, so the label has bright color and good gloss.

3. Heat-shrinkable packaging can pack special-shaped products that are difficult to package by ordinary methods.

4. The heat-shrinkable film is close to the product after shrinking, the packaging is compact and the appearance of the product is displayed, and the packaged product is beautiful.

5. The heat-shrinkable packaging has good sealing, anti-moisture, anti-fouling and anti-rust effects, which can prolong the storage period of food, which is convenient for storage and convenient for outdoor stacking.

6. The heat-shrinkable film can provide 360-degree decoration to the packaging container, and can print product information such as product description on the label, so that consumers can understand the performance of the product without opening the package.