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The Many Benefits of PLA and PLA Coatings

Dec. 16, 2021

PLA flexible film manufacturer introduces you to the characteristics of PLA and its coatings. We are a professional supplier of packaging films.

Polylactic acid PLA, belongs to the polyester family. It is a non-toxic, non-irritating, high-strength, biocompatible, biodegradable and absorbable polymer material, which is malleable, easy to process and mold, and does not pollute the environment. After being discarded, PLA products can be completely decomposed into CO2 and H2O under the action of microorganisms, water, acid and alkali under suitable temperature and humidity conditions in soil or water, without polluting the environment, so it is a completely natural recycling type, excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability of synthetic polymer materials.

PLA has good thermal stability and is suitable for blow molding, injection molding, blistering, extrusion, spinning and other processing methods, and can be processed into films, bags, boxes, disposable fast food boxes, bottles for beverages and medical materials, which makes it have a wide range of applications in the fields of clothing, packaging, toys and medical health.

The Many Benefits of PLA and PLA Coatings

coated grade pla material

PLA is a hygroscopic thermoplastic. It readily absorbs water vapor from the air. PLA in the molten state will be hydrolyzed with a very small amount of moisture, resulting in lower molecular weight, lower mechanical properties of PLA, and lower quality of the final product. Therefore, PLA must be completely dried before melt processing.

PLA should be dried in dry air at 65~90℃, and the dew point temperature of dry air is below 4℃. Too high drying temperature will cause PLA to be soft and sticky in the dryer. Too low drying temperature will lead to longer drying time. Crystalline PLA slices or sheets will not stick together at temperatures above the glass transition temperature (60°C).

PLA and its copolymer sutures have good flexibility, easy suturing and knotting, and controlled absorption cycle, making it an ideal absorbable surgical suture that has been used safely for nearly 30 years.

PLA fiber has good heat resistance and can be made into filament, short filament, monofilament and nonwoven products. PLA fibers are easy to dye and can be made into biodegradable fiber products. PLA fiber fabric is soft, wrinkle resistant, breathable, comfortable to wear, and is an excellent fabric material.

PLA as a completely degradable polymer material is called "green plastic", is the most promising environmental protection materials. Therefore, many countries are now strengthening the research and development of PLA and accelerating its practicalization process. If you need, please contact HYF, we have PLA flexible film and PLA coating material for sale.