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How to Judge the Good and Bad of PVC Film?

Dec. 27, 2021

In packaging-related fields, people often use pvc shrink film, but do you know how to judge the good and bad pvc film? HYF Packaging as a professional pvc film manufacturer, to give you tips.

The main component of pvc film is polyvinyl chloride, used for all kinds of surface packaging, so also known as pvc decorative film, pvc decorative film, pvc film can be used in building materials, furniture and many other industries through the lamination or blister process. To choose a high quality pvc film, you should pay attention to the following aspects.

First, high-quality pvc film pattern and texture stability is more reliable, there will be no obvious color difference. pvc film is most likely batch production, if there are different batches of pvc film color difference is obvious, it will cause product color difference, so you should choose a professional large manufacturers to ensure the stability of pvc film pattern and texture.

Second, high quality pvc film is soft and tough, and the product has good pull-up performance. Inferior pvc film in order to save costs using calcium powder content of more than 40%, resulting in pvc film becomes hard and brittle, tensile performance becomes poor, easy to fold white after pasting, affecting the beauty and service life of the product.

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Thirdly, the thickness of high quality pvc film is relatively thick, which is also an important factor to judge the goodness of pvc film.

Fourth, pvc film used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other long-term more humid environment, the pvc film moisture resistance also put forward high requirements, quality pvc film moisture resistance performance, can be scrubbed with water, moisture will not enter the substrate, to avoid deformation of the door panels and other issues.

Fifth, quality pvc film has a strong anti-UV performance, not easy to fade aging. Inferior pvc film is easy to age and fade if applied in sunny places or exposed to sunlight, thus affecting the beauty of the product.

Sixth, high quality pvc film has heat and flame resistance, fire rating of B1. Inferior pvc film is prone to wrinkling and bursting when in contact with heated items.

The above has introduced how to judge the good and bad of pvc film, high quality pvc film has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, easy to clean, etc. It is a very ideal surface decoration material. HYF has provided solutions for many food manufacturers, if you need pvc shrink sleeve, please contact us to get a quote.