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How Should We Choose Shrink Film Packaging Machinery?

Jul. 20, 2019

Nowadays, many companies are increasingly paying attention to the aesthetics and cleanliness of their product packaging. Not only they pay attention to the PET Shrink Film, but also they pay attention to the machine. Therefore, more and more companies choose shrink packaging machinery to achieve their packaging. When choosing shrink packaging machinery, how do we choose?

PET Shrink Film

First of all: we need to understand the size of the product that we need to shrink packaging, the size of the package determines the choice of shrink packaging machine models;

Secondly: we need to understand the speed of shrink packaging, that is, the number of products that need to be shrink-wrapped, and the efficiency of shrink packaging every hour;

Third: We need to understand the shrink-wrapped film. After the product is shrink-wrapped, how to transport it. If you want to pack it again, the shrink-wrapped product can be selected from the film of the book. If it is shipped directly after shrink packaging, Consider choosing a relatively thick shrink film;

Fourth: We need to understand the shape of the product that needs to shrink the packaging. If the product is an irregular product, we must consider the shrink packaging machine and the shrink packaging film. It cannot be considered according to the model of the general shrink packaging machine.