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Maintenance Effect Of Pla Shrink Film On Vegetable Transportation

May. 28, 2019

We all know that vegetables are very easy to rot during transportation. Now, when we see that the vegetables are so intact, our Pla Shrink Film products have a good maintenance effect.

Broccoli has a high respiratory intensity, and the post-harvest physiological metabolic activity is very strong. In a short period of time, the water will turn yellow and affect the value of the vegetable itself. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-cool the vegetables in time, remove the heat in the field, reduce the temperature and respiration intensity of the broccoli center, and then reach the intention of slowing down the new activities of the vegetables and extending the preservation period. At present, the pre-cooling of domestic vegetable production areas is thin and lacks professional pre-cooling equipment. Refrigeration transportation is rarely used in the transportation process. Most of the retail links such as farmer's market and supermarkets are sold at room temperature without packaging. The equipment for selling fruits and vegetables is basically general shelves and general shelves. Add wet spray equipment (RH: 80% ~ 90%) and refrigerated display cabinet (2 ~ 10 ° C). The rate of vegetable turnover in China is 25% to 30%, which is the current situation of the circulation of vegetables in China.

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