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Heat Shrinkable Film is a Commonly Used Outer Packaging Material

Mar. 31, 2020

Heat Shrinkable Film is a commonly used outer packaging material, which has the advantages of compact packaging, transparent and beautiful, strong fit and so on.

Heat-shrinkable films are shaped after being stretched in a specific high-temperature environment, and then rapidly shaped when the temperature is rapidly reduced. When the heat-shrinkable film is used, it is heated again to the temperature when it is stretched, and the molecular molecular segments of the material are restored to a disorderly curled form, which is a phenomenon of heat shrinkage. When the heat shrinkable film is lowered to room temperature, a cold shrinking force is generated, making the shrinkable film compact. If the shrinkage rate of the heat shrinkable film is too large during the heat shrinking process, or the shrinkage force (including heat shrinkage force and cold shrinkage force) is too high, it will easily lead to an increase in the consumption of the film, and the yogurt cup will be deformed or the film will be too tight. The phenomenon of breakage occurs; if the shrinkage of the heat shrinkable film is small or the shrinkage force is too low, the phenomenon that the film does not fit the yogurt cup, the packaging is loose, and the even cup products are easy to fall off. Therefore, before using the heat shrinkable film, it is necessary to strictly monitor the related shrinkage properties, such as shrinkage rate, heat shrinkage force, and cold shrinkage force, in order to ensure that the outer packaging of yogurt multi-cup is compact, not easy to break, and reduce the packaging cost.

Heat shrinkable films have many advantages. First, the heat shrink sleeve label mainly uses gravure printing, with bright colors and good saturation. Because it can personally decorate the packaging container, highlight the appearance of the product, improve the appearance of the product, and produce good shelves. Effect; the second is that the label and the container can be integrated into one without the use of an adhesive during the labeling process, which can realize the large-scale connection operation of the product and greatly reduce the production cost; To protect the graphics, enhance the wear resistance of heat shrinkable sleeve labels in transportation and sales.

PVC Shrink Film, with additional ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The top layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is a back coating adhesive. It is a synthetic material that is loved, popular and widely used in the world today. Among the materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PVC is the most suitable material.

PVC Shrink Film

PVC Shrink Film

This new generation of green environmental protection film with a thickness of 0.007mm can achieve the stability and protection of traditional film packaging. Compared with the traditional wrapping film, this product packs the same goods with less consumption and low cost!

(1) Reduction of atmospheric environmental pollution: As the thickness of the pre-stretched film is significantly thinner, the amount of the same goods used in packaging is also significantly reduced, resulting in a reduction in the total transportation volume, thereby reducing transportation energy consumption and exhaust emissions, and reducing To the pollution of the atmospheric environment.

(2) Reduce the amount of waste

The packaging of the same goods, the amount of pre-stretched stretch film is significantly reduced, so the post-use recycling treatment of the stretch film is also reduced by about 50% accordingly.

(3) Recycling: Green environmental protection stretch film, 100% recycling granulation can be used in the factory by using general recycling equipment. Not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also save the cost of recycling packaging.

(4) Reduce overall packaging costs: The use of green environmental protection films instead of traditional stretch-wound films has significantly reduced the total amount of use, so its use costs, transportation costs and storage space costs have all decreased.

(5) Easy to use and high working efficiency: It is quite labor-saving to use, and the unused packaging machine and dedicated packaging place can be operated by men, women and children.

The above are the advantages of heat shrink film introduced by Multi-purpose Shrink Film Manufacturer.