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Application of Heat Shrinkable Film in Beverage Industry

Feb. 05, 2020

In recent years, China's annual output of beverages has shown a year-on-year growth trend, maintaining a growth rate of 10% to 20% each year. It can be said that the beverage industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the food industry at present. Various beverage production giants have seized The beverage market, the beverage industry is so hot, used in beverage packaging, as a heat shrinkable label that highlights the brand's image, naturally benefit a lot.


PVC Heat Shrink Film label is a part of the label market. It is used in heat shrinkable packaging. It is now growing rapidly and its market share is constantly expanding. It is expected that the annual growth rate can be maintained at about 15%, far exceeding the annual growth rate of about 5% in the ordinary label market.The development potential is huge, becoming the biggest bright spot in the label industry.

 PVC Shrink Films

PVC Heat Shrink Film

As the name suggests, Heat Shrinkable Films is a kind of film label printed on plastic film or plastic tube with special ink. During the labeling process, when heated (about 70 ° C), the shrink label will quickly follow the outside of the container. The contour shrinks and fits tightly on the surface of the container. This type of label is not a new product in the field of labels. It has been widely used since the early 1990s, but it has the unique advantage of being able to cooperate with product packaging, so it is in the packaging market. Another reason why shrink film packaging and shrink labels are popular is that their images have a three-dimensional effect, giving people a wealth of imagination and attracting the interest of many customers and consumers. Market sales.


The advantages of heat shrinkable labels are as follows:

① The heat shrinkable film has high transparency, so the label has bright color and good gloss.

② It can be produced on a large scale and is a label independent of product production.

③ The heat shrinkable film is tightly adhered to the product after shrinking, the packaging is compact and the appearance of the product can be displayed, and the packaged product is beautiful.

④ Shrink film has good abrasion resistance and high strength to ensure that it can bear the weight of the contents. Printing belongs to film inner printing (pictures are in the film sleeve), which can protect the imprint, and the abrasion resistance of the label better.

⑤ The heat shrink packaging process and equipment are relatively simple, and the heat sealability is good. There is no need to use adhesive when labeling.

⑥ Now beverage containers have unique shapes and increasingly individual designs, and heat-shrinkable film labels can clearly show the outline of the outer surface of the beverage container. Heat-shrinkable films are closely attached to the product, and the packaging is compact, which is suitable for packaging of irregular products.

⑦ Heat shrinkable film as a label saves forest resources, reduces costs, is hygienic, and is easy to use.


The above is the application of heat shrinkable film introduced by Multi-purpose Shrink Film Manufacturer in the beverage industry. Hope to help everyone.