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Advantages of PVC Heat Shrinkable Film

Feb. 19, 2020

PVC Heat Shrink Film is a good film packaging material, which has the following advantages:

(1) Excellent theft resistance and dust resistance;

(2) A variety of products can be packed in a heat-shrinkable packaging bag to prevent the loss of individual small commodities and also convenient for customers to carry;

(3) Good transparency, allowing customers to directly see the packaged products, which is convenient for customers to choose products;

(4) Close to the shape of the product, it can be applied to the packaging of goods of various shapes, and the content of the package is wide;

(5) Selecting different resins and formulas can produce heat-shrinkable films with different mechanical strength and functions, which can be used for inner packaging with low strength and small product weight, and also for machinery with high strength required for containers. Transport packaging (outer packaging) for products, building materials, etc.

PVC Shrink Films

PVC Heat Shrink Film

Although PVC film has good quality, many people say that this is a chemical product after all. The price and performance of PVC heat shrinkable film are not as good as natural materials. Toxicity and odor can not be avoided, which is destructive to the environment, but In fact, this is not true, because the raw materials for the production of PVC film are extracted by special operations, and the toxic substances are also extracted, so we can guarantee that the PVC film is completely non-toxic, and it will not be harmful to human skin or Harmful by the respiratory system.

Especially for those who have allergic reactions to paint, using PVC film to package furniture is very suitable, and PVC shrink film is affordable. Particleboard and fiberboard can be used in large quantities, so that the amount of wood is reduced, and the damage to the forest is also reduced. So from this perspective, PVC film is ecologically protective.

PVC Shrink Films is made by mixing PVC resin with more than a dozen secondary materials and then blowing it up. It is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, shrinkage rate can be freely adjusted according to user needs, and strong operability.

PVC heat shrinkable film has good transparency. The shrinkage rate is high, between 40% -60%, and its cost is low. The tensile strength is large, the temperature shrinkage range is large, and the heat source is not high.

1.PVC film

PVC film is currently the most widely used film material. It is inexpensive, has a large temperature shrinkage range, and does not require high heat sources. The main processing heat sources are hot air, infrared, or a combination of the two.

2.OPS film

As a substitute for PVC film, OPS film has been widely used. It has good shrinkage properties and is also good for environmental protection. This product is in short supply in the domestic market. At present, high-quality OPS mainly depends on imports, which has become an important factor restricting its development.

3.PETG film

PETG Matt Heat Shrink Film is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows the shrink rate to be adjusted in advance. However, because the shrinkage is too large, it is also limited in use.

The above are the advantages of PVC heat shrinkable film.