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Unique Properties Of PVC Heat Shrinkable Film

Jan. 08, 2020

PVC heat Shrink Films are easy to break when printing. It is not that the quality of the PVC shrink film is not good, but that a solvent used in the special printing ink for PVC will dissolve the PVC film, and this solvent has low volatility. The solvent content of PVC ink that dissolves too much solvent in PVC ink will cause the PVC shrink film to dissolve and be torn off during the printing process. However, if PVC-specific printing inks are not used, the printing fastness is not good.

PVC Shrink Films

PVC Shrink Films

Heat shrinkable film is widely used for the whole package of aluminum profile packaging, doors and windows, wine, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth and other products. PVC Shrink Films, with additional ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The top layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is a back coating adhesive. It is a synthetic material that is loved, popular and widely used in the world today. Among the materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PVC is the most suitable material. It is widely used in the building materials industry and the packaging industry due to its unique properties of PVC (rainproof, fire-resistant, antistatic, easy forming) and its low input and high output.

Features of PVC heat shrinkable film:

1. The appearance of the product is smooth, the thickness is uniform, no obvious spots, no oil stains, impurities, or folds;

2. High thermal shrinkage, the horizontal shrinkage is 48 ± 3%, and the vertical 12 ± 3% is close to the product. It can be shrunk with a heat shrink machine, or with a hair dryer and water.

3. Good flexibility performance. After the package shrinks, it will fall from the height of 1 meter from the vertical and horizontal directions to the concrete floor three times without cracking;

4. After the package is shrunk, it should be stored under the environment of 30 ℃ without any color change such as discoloration and discoloration.

PVC shrink film labels are part of the label market and are currently in rapid growth. The market share is constantly expanding. The annual growth rate is expected to be about 15%, which is much higher than the general label market's annual growth rate of about 5%. The characteristics and huge development prospects have become a highlight of the label printing industry. It is predicted that the domestic heat shrinkable film market will grow at a rate of more than 20% in the next 5 years.

The manufacturing of PVC shrink film labels has high technical requirements. Especially when printing PVC shrink films, how to control the drying temperature is very important. For ordinary water-based and solvent-based inks, the drying temperature is too high. , The material undergoes heat shrinkage; if the temperature is too low, the ink is not sufficiently dried, resulting in problems such as adhesion and back surface dirtiness, so the process is quite complicated and the reject rate is high. At present, the latest production process has three processes. It is made of polyethylene and copolymerized polypropylene as raw materials, added with additives, and processed by co-extrusion blow molding. This process is different from the traditional one because it has poor melt properties, so it uses The double film bubble process is based on the principle of extruding raw materials from different machines, co-extruding the die, quenching after forming, and then heating and stretching to obtain the product.