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What Is Lesser Bairam?

Jun. 04, 2019

Household Products Shrink Film Factory wishes you happy Lesser Bairam

Eid al-fitr, the free translation of the Arabic word 'Id al-fitr'. Also known as "meat festival" or "measure". Eid al-adha and "eid al-adha" are two major islamic festivals. The date is October 1st in the islamic calendar. Muslims fast during the whole month in Ramadan (September), looking for the new moon on the last day of Ramadan, and breaking the fast on the second day of the month, that is, eid al-fitr; If do not see new moon, continue fast, the festival is extended, do not exceed 3 days commonly.

In modern times, this section is marked on the almanac. On this day, the muslims put on their festival costumes and attend the "meeting ceremony" and celebration activities in the mosque to congratulate the successful completion of "zhai gong", to say happy holiday to each other and to present gifts. The scale and atmosphere of the liturgy are filled in the "congregation", the imam should preach. After the meeting ceremony, we visited ancestral graves, read the scriptures and mourn for the dead. Festival, every family Fried son, oil incense and other food, as a gift to others. Each family should distribute iftar to the poor before the festival begins.

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