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Advantage Of High Shrink Ratio PETG Film

Jun. 12, 2019

(1) High Shrink Ratio PETG Film have excellent transparency, allowing customers to directly see the packaged products, so that customers can choose products;

(2) Close to the shape of the product, it can be applied to the packaging of products of various shapes, and the contents of the package are extensive;

(3) Excellent anti-theft and dustproof;

(4) It can pack a variety of products in a heat-shrinking package to avoid the loss of a single small product, and is convenient for customers to carry;

(5) Using different resins and formulas, it can produce environmentally-friendly shortening membranes with different mechanical strength and function. It can be used for inner packaging with low strength and small product content, and also for containers with high demand strength. Shipping packaging (outer packaging) for mechanical products, building materials, etc. The PETG Shrink Film is stretched in a high-temperature environment and then cooled sensitively in the production process, and then reaches the purpose of setting. It is heated again during use, but it retracts the cost of the posture, the unevenness of heat, the degree of shortening and planning are not the same. The production of PVC hot-shortened film is firstly produced by extrusion blow molding or extrusion casting to produce a thick film, which is then fully softened at the melting temperature and then transversely and longitudinally stretched.

Advantage Of High Shrink Ratio PETG Film