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​Guide to Buying PLA Shrink Film

May. 23, 2023

PLA (Polylactic Acid) shrink film is a popular packaging material known for its eco-friendly properties. Derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane, PLA shrink film offers an excellent alternative to traditional petroleum-based shrink films. If you are considering purchasing PLA shrink film for your packaging needs, this guide will provide you with essential information and key factors to consider during the buying process.


Determine Your Packaging Requirements:

Before buying PLA shrink film, it is crucial to identify your specific packaging requirements. Consider factors such as the type of product being packaged, its size and shape, and any unique characteristics. Understanding your needs will help you select the most suitable PLA shrink film for your application.


Evaluate Shrink Film Thickness:

PLA shrink film comes in various thicknesses, typically measured in microns or mils. The thickness of the film affects its durability, strength, and clarity. Thicker films offer greater puncture resistance and are more suitable for heavier or sharper-edged products. However, thinner films provide better transparency and conformability, making them ideal for products with irregular shapes. Evaluate your product's requirements and select the appropriate film thickness accordingly.

PLA Shrink Film

 PLA Shrink Film

Consider Shrink Percentage:

The shrink percentage refers to the amount of shrinkage the film can achieve when heated. PLA shrink films typically have a shrink percentage ranging from 40% to 70%. Higher shrink percentages provide tighter and more secure packaging, ensuring a snug fit around the product. However, excessive shrinkage can cause distortion or damage to sensitive or delicate items. Choose a shrink percentage that balances the need for a tight fit with the protection of your products.


Opt for High Clarity:

Clarity is an important characteristic of shrink film, as it showcases your product's appearance and enhances its visual appeal. Look for PLA shrink film that offers high clarity, allowing your product to be prominently displayed while still benefiting from the protective properties of the film. Clear and transparent films are particularly suitable for showcasing products with attractive labels or vibrant colors.


Assess Strength and Durability:

The strength and durability of PLA shrink film are crucial for protecting your products during transit and handling. Ensure that the film you choose has sufficient tensile strength and tear resistance to withstand potential impacts and external forces. Consider the nature of your product, its weight, and any specific handling requirements to select a shrink film that can provide adequate protection.


Verify Heat Tolerance:

PLA shrink films require heat for the shrinking process to occur effectively. Verify the heat tolerance of the film to ensure compatibility with your packaging setup. Check the recommended temperature range provided by the manufacturer and ensure that it aligns with your heat tunnel or heat gun specifications. Using films that are not heat-tolerant can lead to inconsistent or incomplete shrinkage.


Confirm Compatibility with Packaging Equipment:

Before making a purchase, confirm that the PLA shrink film is compatible with your packaging equipment. Ensure that the film can run smoothly on your shrink wrap machines or manual heat guns, preventing any issues or disruptions during the packaging process. Some films may require specific settings or adjustments on your equipment, so be aware of any special requirements.


Consider Sustainability Credentials:

One of the primary advantages of PLA shrink film is its eco-friendly nature. Assess the sustainability credentials of the film, including its renewable source, compostability, and recyclability. Look for certifications such as ASTM D6400 or EN 13432, which validate the film's biodegradability and compostability. Opting for certified sustainable PLA shrink film aligns with environmentally conscious packaging practices.

If you are interested in PLA shrink film or want to learn more about its specifications, material, and prices, please email us directly at info@hyfpack.com. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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