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CPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film

Crystallizable PET (cPET) shrink sleeve label film is used to make washable shrink sleeves, which can be 100%  fully recyclable with the bottle flakes, which will help to increase the yield and quality of rPET. 

To avoid the need for material separation and thus improve the yield and quality of rPET, crystallizable PET (cPET) shrink sleeve label film has been developed as a technically comparable alternative to PETG shrink label film.

CPET shrink sleeve label film VS PETG shrink label film

In contrast to PETG, crystallizable PET is compatible with the PET bottle recycling stream and does not adversely impact the rPET-quality, enabling the recycling of both materials, the bottle PET and the cPET shrink sleeve simultaneously.

Shrink Curves

cPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film


  • Printed cPET label flake can be 100% recycled

  • No additional equipment is needed for recyclers. CPET films are recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • High Shrink rate. CPET films can shrink up to 70-80%, allowing them to tightly conform to various container shapes.

  • Compatible shrink force

  • Washable Shrink Sleeve Ink. For the printing ink,  washable ink is required to be used in all relevant printing processes for shrink sleeves. These UV-curing and solvent-based inks and primers ensure a smooth deinking of cPET-based shrink sleeves during the usual washing conditions in the PET bottle recycling process and at the same time are non-bleeding to avoid any contamination of the washing water which might affect the rPET quality.

  • CPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film
  • CPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film
  • CPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film
  • CPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film

Application of CPET Shrink Sleeve Label Film

  • Full or partial body shrink sleeves;

  • Full or partial body roll sleeves;

  • Tamper-evident band;

  • Promotion combining pack;

  • Pharmaceuticals: Provides tamper-evident features and barrier properties to protect pharmaceuticals.

  • Household Products: Provides durable and visually appealing labeling for household cleaners and other products.

  • Sleeves for special-shape bottles of such beverages, cosmetics, liquor, and so on; Commonly used for labeling water, soda, juice, and alcoholic beverage bottles.

CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate) shrink sleeve label film is a type of packaging material widely used for labeling containers in various industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. CPET shrink sleeves are known for their durability, clarity, and ability to conform to complex container shapes. CPET shrink sleeve label film is a versatile and high-performing packaging solution that offers numerous benefits for branding, product protection, and functionality. Its ability to conform to various container shapes, combined with excellent printability and barrier properties, makes it a popular choice across multiple industries.