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Biodegradable film for grafting

HYF’s biodegradable film for grafting is made by 100% biodegradable PLA material, which is 100% environmental protection and good for the earth and our future life. Biodegradable nursery grafting tape is an economical plant grafting solution that is easy-to-use, and makes nursery grafting and/or budding efforts efficient for various grafters (nursery, landscapers, and home gardeners).

Improve plant grafting and budding efforts and also enhance usability for nursery workers, landscapers and gardeners. Waterproof, flexible and stretchable — HYF grafting tape combines excellent moisture protection with oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability to allow for superior shrub and plant growth.


Biodegradable film for grafting


  • 1.Stretchable, good tensile properties, not easy to puncture, puncture resistance, high strength. It has all the properties of traditional PE grafting membrane.

  • 2.Biodegradability. Instead of traditional PE film, it can be abandoned on trees and fields and degraded into carbon dioxide and water.

  • 3.Good oxygen permeability and water retention, which is conducive to wound healing and new bud growth of plants.

  • 4.Biodegradable in sunlight, allow gasses to pass through.

  • Biodegradable film for grafting
  • Biodegradable film for grafting
  • Biodegradable film for grafting
  • Biodegradable film for grafting